Gago & Co. Barrels Wines

At Gago & Co. Barrels-Wines you will find a diverse wine tourism experience in our Wine's Center.
We offer different services:

Tours and tastings

A complete guide tour around our cellar and other facilities.


A finest selection of Sherry Wines, Vermouths, Riojas, Sparkling Wines and Craft Beers’


In our shop you can find the best selections of Wines, Vermouth, Beers and you can buy oak barrels of different volumetric capacities to age your wines or distillates. With a wide range of beverages and oak barrels with peculiar sizes and desing.

Gastronomic Area

To complete your experience. We have a wine-bar: ‘’Tabanco Los Monos’’, within the bodega, where our sherry wines culd be paired with traditional dishes. Besides it includes a magnificent patio to better enjoy a lunch or dinner outdoors.

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